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Hard Drive Crash

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G'day all...


Had a major hard drive crash and wiped out all of the payware software I had for FSX, including FSCommander....


I downloaded the version presently available and tried to use my known password, and as I expected, didn't work..


Any suggestions on how this problem can be solved WITHOUT having to purchase a new copy ?, would be greatly

appreciated on this end..


Mahalo (thank you) & Aloha from Maui




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Hi Ted,


Is there a reason that you give up so quickly?

As Ian has posted it ... You can almost certainly log in and get your license details from the store history...

There are only 2 download sources, simMarket and Aerosoft, where via e-mail address and password, an access is possible.

So what prevents you to try it?  It's your money!!!





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Am I going to have to buy the program again ?  Got into my account, but the code/key is what I have, but doesn't work 

which figures... But, if I have to purchase the program again... forget it......

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Hi Ted,


Volker stated, that there are only two sources, where you can buy FSC. As a buyer in both shops, I know, that they store all the data you require under your account. And you can download the programmes for a long time after having bought them.


Maybe you should email them, and they should be able to help you.



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Downloading the file isn't a problem, because you can get it from the FSCommander website.


The most likely problem is a simple typo somewhere, either when you made your registration originally, or when you are entering your details. They're not always obvious, so can you triple check between your purchase store details and what you are entering, please?




Ian P.

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Went to the download section per the 'Ticket' reply to me, did all the dbc info, went to use the key that I have

from my original purchase, comes back 'Not Valid' ..........  Hit the delete key and say good bye..

Thanks all for passing along your info, been greatly appreciated on this end...


Won't be on here anymore,

you have my email if needed...





BTW -- I did purchase this program at Sim Market ...



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