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Question about FSUIPC version 4.10

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Dear Pete,



I purchased a FSX missions program for FSX and it contained your FSUIPC ver. 4.10 for FSX. When I start FSX I receive a Windows-8 message to Run or Don't Run FSUIPC ver. 4.10. I am not sure if I should load your FSUIPC ver. 4.10 for FSX using the Windows-8 64 bit OS. I used your previous unregistered versions of FSUIPC with Windows-7 PRO and it worked great with no issues. I cannot locate a user manual for FSUIPC ver. 4.10 on your web site.




Could you please email me the user manual for FSUIPC ver. 4.10 for FSX? I will purchase the full registered version 4.10 if it is compatible with Windows-8 64 bit OS standard version and does not change my fsx.cfg file, as FSUIPC has great enhancements for FSX.




It took me 6 months to get a stable fsx.cfg file with no jitters, stutters, flickers, flashes, and other graphics and frame rate issues. Will the FSUIPC ver. 4.10 change my fsx.cfg file once installed?




Sorry if I am on the wrong forum, but I cannot find a link to contact you or an email address to contact you.




Could you please reply to my questions or email me at: pferrughelli@hotmail.com?




Thank you for your help and support.








Paul Ferrughelli

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FSUIPC 4.10 is already a very old version and shouldn't be installed over a newer version by a installer.

Just run latest installer of FSUIPC 4.934 from download section above, that will install latest version with latest manual. The manual is then located in Moduls folder of FSX/P3D in subfolder Documents.


When you start then FSX it will ask you to run this DLL, you click Yes/ Confirm.

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