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Operate FSX & FSC two PCs networked (solved)

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Hi guys,

               I am not familiar with networking and at 73 years a bit slow.

First the required information:

  • FSX 2sp
  • FSC 94
  • FSUIPC4.934
  • Wide Client 6.999m
  • 2 PCs each windows 7 - 64bit

I have FSX installed on a drive of its own. (drive X)

FSUIPC4 is installed to the root of that drive X    (so includes Wide FS 7)

I have Wide Client installed to the Client PC where FSC is also installed.

I have other "add ons" including scenery add ons installed to another drive  (drive F)


FSX indicates that it is connected to the Client when FSX is running so that's OK.


Now this is where I am lost. The APPENDIX at the end of the fsc9help book which I could follow and accomplish the task does not agree with what I see on my screen so I assume that it refers to a different operating system (maybe XP).

I am no clever enough to bridge the difference for all the steps. I have found some information on the internet but its not in a step by step instruction as in the APPENDIX Network "operating flight simulator and flightsim Commander in a network" Can someone help with a modified fsc9help appendix



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I believe I am experiencing exactly the same problem with FSC95 which I have just purchased.


Two problems that I believe are bugs:

1. When running database I get the message "FSX must be installed".  This is ridiculous for a product that is supposed to work on a PC that DOES NOT have FSX installed.  FSC 84 handled this perfectly.

2. When searching for FSX path it does not recognise mapped network drives.  Again, FSC 83 and 84 do this perfectly.


A step backwards it seems.


Sorry I couldn't help you Desmond!



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What I am looking for to be more concise is the appendix at the end of the FSC 9.4 manual to be updated  to refer to windows  7

the appendix is referring to the networking two computers.



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OK Here is my setup:


PC1 Win 7 Ultimate

FSX on PC1



PC2 Win 7 Ultimate

FSC 9 on PC2




I plan with PFPX and export to PMDG 777 folder, on PC1 and FSC 9 on PC2. I then edit boarding gate info in FSC 9 and export to FSX without any problems.


The issue you guys are experiencing are related to your home network. For FSC 9 to interract with FSX, both PC1 and PC2 have to be on the same home network and the approprate drives shared and mounted in addition to adding the applications in your firewall exception if necessary.


Let me know if you need additional help.

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PC1 WIN7 Ultimate (desktop)



FSUIPC 4.936


PC2 WIN7 HOME (laptop)

FSC 9.5 build 31 JUL14




AIRAC 1410 REV 1

Down load Version


Ok my problem is I don't enough about networking and the  FSC manual is not current for win 7 so I'm having a hard time with it.  On both PC's I can see each other in my computer. I have WIDEFS opened and it says it's waiting for a connection? When I run FSC 9.5 DATABASE it does not see my FSX drive on PC1  So far none of my programs on PC1 seems to be connecting to PC1 (fsx)?  I guess I need a tutorial  on how to properly configure the network?



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Hi Don - sorry for the delay. Here is my suggestion:


Setting up your home network is not in the insturuction, nor should it be. As everones setup is different, Volker would be spend hours trouble shooting. Thus I attach this for you. You want to set up a home group if have not already.




Make sure your homegroup is setup correctly


1.Make sure your mount and share your FSX folder on PC2.

2.Allow access to all FSX apps through your firewall (both PCs)


If wideFS isn't transmitting, FSC won't work either (test with FSUIPCHello.exe)

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