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Saving Add-on aircraft flight plans


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I would appreciate your help is setting up the flight plan paths in FSC 9.5 as I seem to be getting nowhere.


I’m having difficulty with saving flight plans and in setting the plan paths in the ‘Save As’ option.  I would like to save plans for PMDG, Quality Wings and Level D aircraft, but path options for these aren’t specified.


I have plan save options are available for:


FS Commander                 Path set to D:\FS Commander\Flightplan

Flight Simulator X              Path set to D:\FSX

FSX Flight Plans               Path set to C:\Users\owner\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files

Squawk Box                      Not used

IVAO                                 Not used

Radar Contact                  Not used

FS Inn                               Not used

Project Magenta                Not used

X Plane                              Not used

Airbus X                             Not used


Nothing for PMDG, Quality Wings or Level  D, even though there are check boxes for these on the  Flight Plan “Save’ option, and I do not appear able to add paths manually.


Also, when saving an FSC plan, I get the error message  ‘Error in writing FS 10 plan’.


I see from a previous forum question on this that the ‘fsc.ini’ file must include :

FPPATH10= c:\users\owner\documents\Flight Simulator X files 


My FPPATH10 is exactly as above, however the actual computer file tree in Windows 7 is :

C:\users\owner\ My Documents\Flight Simulator X files


Is the difference of  ‘Documents’ and ‘My Documents’ causing the problem ?

I’m using the PMDG 777-200, and the PMDG plans are in D:\FSX\PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS   However there is a sub directory to this named ‘777’.  Which is correct directory to use ?


 I have been a long time user of FS Commander, but I have to say this version is driving me up the wall !!


I hope you can help me sort this out.


Rene McConnell

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Hello Rene,


Your problems described show a problem with the installation of the FlightSim Commander under WIN 7!


In this case, it is very, very important
1) to read here: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/71602-important-information-on-registration-installation-and-use-of-fscommander/ 
2) this document: http://forum.simflight.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=100028
and understand and follow the recommendations for the installations.




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Yes.  Everything was done in line with your user manual.


When a plan is saved and the relevant add-on aircraft boxes are checked, does the program automatically save the plan(s) in the aircraft directories, or do the directory paths have to be individually entered manually ?



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Hi Rene,

the flight plans for iFly, PMDG and LevelD are stored in their own folder, below the Flight Simulator folder.
This is the reason why no separate folder, setting by the user,  is required for this manufacturer.


For all other flight plans, the respective settings by the user are required.
Since it works with all other users, it should also be the case with you.




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Hi Rene,


you wrote:


I have plan save options are available for:

FSX Flight Plans               Path set to C:\Users\owner\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files



Are you shure about the folder \Flight Simulator X Files ?


I don't have FSX, i'm only using FS9. And I've two folders:  "Flight Simulator Files" and also a folder "Flight Simulator-Dateien"

The correct folder in for the flightplans in FS9 is "Flight Simulator-Dateien"


Maybe in the FSX there are also two different folders.



Michael R.



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When you use a localised version of FSX, like German, the path is C:\Users\owner\Documents\Flight Simulator X Dateien. But sometimes, when you install an aircraft addon it looks for a folder named C:\Users\owner\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files and if this one does not exit it will be created. So you'll end up quite often with 2 folders.

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