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Flaps Not Working


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My flaps don't register on FSUIPC (even most current version). All my other joysticks seem to.

I am using an EPIC ISA card. Do you have any suggestions.

FSUIPC doesn't know flaps from anything else. It's just another axis, and it has to be assigned first.

You have to assign analogue axes in FS. Are you use FS2004 or FS2002 or what? In FS2004, for certain, you can assign your flaps axis in FS -- go to Options-Controls-Assignments and scroll through the joystick axes, assign your axis to "Flaps Set". Check that it works as well as you can get it in FS2004 without FSUIPC getting involved, use FSUIPC calibration to finalise, not to get it to work in the first place!

In FS2002 it is a little more difficult. Assign your flaps to any spare axis in FS, and tell FSUIPC which one it is by editing the FSUIPC.INI file and giving it the control number -- see the Advanced Users guide for details. There's a section there called "Assignment of FLAPS_SET control". you should still get a good calibration first in FS/Windows.

For FS2000 you can manually assign your axis to FLAPS_SET in the FS2000.CFG file, then calibrate in FSUIPC.



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