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Logging LVARs?

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Is it possible to log LVARs used in a panel? I'd like to manupulated knobs and buttons in ORBX's Lancair IV-P with my hardware. I think they had used LVARs in the programming. If it is possible, could you please give me a single example of how to do that.


Much thanks,


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Assign a button/switch temporarily to the FSUIPC4-provided "List Local Panel Variables" or

words to that effect.


Hit the button/switch and the L:Vars will be sent to the current FSUIPC4.log file.

After doing that, select "New Log"  under the Logging options so that you can

then have a look at the first log, renamed,  Each entry will have a time stamp

prefacing the L:Var entry but you can do a "Find/Replace" to replace the time

stamp with a blank space or just do not enter anything in the"replace" entry

and the time stamps will be removed.


Also, clear the jbutton/switch that you assigned to the list command so you

don't keep filling the log files if you hit that button/switch again :)



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Paul, this is what I expected starting the thread. 


What exactly is "...or words to that effect".





That was just to indicate that I couldn'tr remember the exact name of that control as shown in

the FSUIPC4 Buttons+Switches menu. Just go down the menu looking for "List" as the first

word and you should find the control.



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