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10+ FPS increase with mouse cursor hidden or on the FSX title bar

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This is old news but I still thought I would ask about this in here and if there is maybe just maybe anything the magic FSUIPC could do about it considering all other things FSUIPC is capable of.


I'm running FSX in windowed mode and I do all my flying in the PMDG NGX and whenever the mouse cursor is visible and somewhere on the FSX window my FPS is approx 10 FPS lower than when the mouse cursor is not visible. Either after it has been automatically hidden after a couple of seconds which I think is a standard FSX feature or maybe it's even Windows doing this but I can also accomplish the same 10+ FPS increase manually by moving the mouse cursor up to the FSX title bar.


10 FPS is really a huge difference in FSX as all of us know and what I'm wondering now is if it somehow would be possible to "fool" FSX into thinking the mouse cursor always is hidden or hovering on the title bar even when it's not? If that would be possible to accomplish with some smart method that would give us those 10 FPS extra constantly and not only when the mouse cursor is hidden or on the title bar.


Of course it's an easy thing to manually move the mouse cursor to the title bar or wait for it to be automatically hidden after not moving it for a couple of seconds but flying from the virtual cockpit you use the mouse pretty much all the time and especially during the busy segments of a flight when you would like to have those extra 10 FPS the most.


Just throwing this idea up in the air but I guess it's not possible because then I'm sure someone would have already made something out of this idea.

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Why are you running FSX in Windowed mode in any case? I don't see a difference where the mouse cursor is in full screen mode, and the latter has always been faster for me as well.


Anyway, to answer your question, there is already an FSUIPC control to hide the mouse pointer: "mouse pointer toggle".


Having the mouse moved automatically is generally not a good idea because it is used for virtual cockpit viewing and that operates relative to the last position as known by FS -- if something else moves it there could be confusion.


If you do want to experiment doing your own thing with the mouse, the Lua plug-in system does offer full facilities in its Mouse library.



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