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Hello, I have just installed the new Doha airport (OTHH) and I am using the ice 5.0 ai traffic program. Some planes are showing up at the new airport and I can use STB to see them but Qatar Airlines shows up at the old airport (OTBD) which results in an empty airport. My question is do I have to "add" the new airport in the STB airport list or something like that? If so, how can I do that?. It's strange that some planes show up and others don't. Thank you as always for your help.

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I changed the traffic file in AIFP like everyone else has done and then recompiled. I can see Qatar planes listed in the STB screen but they always say scheduled but they never leave and I can not click on them, they are just listed there. I have complied airports and make runways so many times that I have lost track. Is there something that I am doing wrong. I have read that a lot of people are having this problem but with WOAI not STB but still it's the same situation. Thank you

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You added a new airport that has no traffic and is not reconized by your AI traffic program and FSX so the first step is to modify whatever AI traffic program you are using (WOAI, MTX, etc.) to remove traffic from the old airport and add traffic to the new airport.  You have to do this with your AI traffic program, this has nothing to do with STB.  Go to the forums of your AI traffic program and get help with this if you need it.


STB only looks at traffic bgl's and predicts what is going to happen, STB can not make AI traffic take off and land, that is controlled by FSX and the AI traffic program you are using.


If you still see traffic at the old airport you have to use your AI traffic program to remove that.


If you still do not see correct traffic at the new airport then you have to use your AI traffic program to correct that.


Once you have both those things corrected then run compile airports in STB and STB will be able to correcly predict what is going on at your new airport and at the old airport.

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