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FSX is having a problem with FSUIPC.DLL

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Everytime I run FSX I get a message that "FSX is having a problem with FSUIPC.DLL". It then gives me the option to either quit or continue, if I quit FSX starts normally except FSUIPC does not and is not present in the Menu. If I select to continue FSX never starts but hangs on the start screen.

I have tried various versions of FSUIPC including the most recent, with the same result. FSX ran with FSUIPC before without any problems and I do not know what is causing this to happen now.


Any suggestions welcomed. Error screen attached.





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I moved this from the specialist programming subforum about .NET client DLL into the general support forum. Please remember always to post support questions into the support forum.


On this particular question, as well as what Vic says, please see the FAQ subforum thread "FSX fails to run after FSUIPC4 first installed", which essentially discusses the same SimConnect problem.


If that doesn't offer a suitable solution, please take a look in the FSX Modules folder, see if there is an FSUIPC4.LOG file produced. If so, it may not be the usual SimConnect problem, but another initialisation error -- for instance, corrupted start-up weather files can have this effect too. If it is making a new file each time, then I need to see it. Paste its contents here, using the <> button above this edit area to enclose the text.



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