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Help needed - EPIC and buttons

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Dear forum members,

is anyone still working with EPIC? I remember that EPIC can emulate joytick buttons, so an input on EPIC will result in a Joystick signal and not in a keyboard signal or offset. Can anyone share sample code how this is done?


Best regards,


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I found it:


You have to put this under "VXD-Commands"


#define BtnOn        0x001            // activation of buttons in WinXP Game Controller
#define BtnOff        0x002


(no idea what 0x001 and 0x002 mean - they work for me)


and then a typical operational code would look like this:


void SPST.SWAP_NAV1.On (void)
    nqw (BtnOn, 0x0100);        // this makes Joystick Buttons work in WinXP Game Controller
    }                    // The format is: 0xjjbb (jj = joystick no. in hex, bb = button no. on this
                        // joystick in hex). Example: 0x0311 is button 18 on joystick 4.
void SPST.SWAP_NAV1.Off (void)    // I use this, when I can not get offsets to work. Once the button works in     
    {                    // Game Controller, it can be programed thru FSUIPC (even to send keypresses
    nqw (BtnOff, 0x0100);        // over the network).


Explanatory lines are by Hans Krohn from whose Cockpit.epl I took these lines.


Best regards,


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