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Will this affect MTX parking

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To predict what it does requires a very detailed knowledge of undocumented features of FSX and of this product. All airport files contain a value for Magvar. If this still is used by FSX, the behaviour of AI aircraft will not change. If the product overwrites overwrites the values, everything may happen, from nothing to failure of all approaches.

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Read the disclaimer very carefully before installing the update navaid/waypoint bgl.  First, it uses AIRAC data standard. FSX is built upon the ARINC 424 standard.  So there will be discrepancies.


Second, it does not correct all VOR/NDBs and does not remove old moved/decommissioned or renamed NAVAIDS including waypoints. This may result in duplicates or worse.  It corrects some waypoints/intersections but what about the airways (route data) that show low (V) and high (J) routes between waypoints.


I can't find anywhere where the data distinguishes between waypoint and terminal waypoints.  This itself will mess up many approaches as there will be no correlation between the updated database and the approach points or terminal waypoints.


In the disclaimer it says something regarding not updating the NAVAIDS associated with/owned by the airport, but I can't tell if this also applies to waypoints/terminal waypoints and intersections.  Anyway, based on the limited information on the web page I would be very cautious when using the updates and I certainly would NOT overwrite or delete any FSX stock databases. 

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We really cannot say if that is better or not, just observe a while, and if there are problems go back - if possible. If you install such a deep going modification of FSX, and then remove it, I would really wonder if the state is as before the installation.

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I'm sure it will work to some degree, the question I have is how well.  If you use the FSX ATC and the changed/added waypoints/NAVAIDS are not correctly recognized by FSX, it will impact your flight and FSX ATC instructions for landing as you enter into the control of the airport scenery.


For example, KEIKI is a route waypoint that is used as the IAF for the ILS and RNAV Y approaches to Runway 2 at PHOG.  Although FSX ATC recognizes KEIKI an includes the transition as an option if the user were not to select vectors to final but rather ask FSX ATC for an alternative approach, if you were to choose the KEIKI transition for either IAP (ILS or RNAV) and follow ATCs instructions you would never land.  ATC would vector you across the Island and back towards your origination.  In other words, this transition is broken.  It's not correctly processed through AIPLAYER.DLL.  My concern is you may run into situations like this at the airports.  I'm also concerned that there's no mention of airways both low and high between waypoints. I'm also not certain that the database will distinguish between a route waypoint and a terminal waypoint.  In FSX, if the approach code incorrectly uses a waypoint when it's actually a terminal waypoint, FSX ATC will never vector you to land.


If you use a third party ATC program and you use an FMS with third party data the impact may be different. I simply don't know as I only use FSX ATC.  If you download a third-party airport scenery check to see if the author has updated the NAVAIDS including terminal waypoints and transitions. If they have, you know you have the latest information at that airport.  In reality all airport scenery designers should be updating NAVAIDS/Terminal Waypoints and IAPs for the airport(s) they update.

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