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AI Lights

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You will roll your eyes when you read this. I am harping about the lack of AI lights in the sky, using P3D version 2. I realize there is nothing to be done about it, if anything, until your version for P3D 2 is ready. Do you anticipate being able to give us aircraft lights back in the sky? Perhaps the lack of AI lights is a deliberate move on LM's part to prevent degradation of performance. Your thoughts would be instructive.




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P3DV2 does not display lights of aircraft that are further than 8.5 miles away, when the model gets loaded, also not on stock P3D aircraft, so I',m afraid we cannot do anything about this.

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They issue with the lights on p3d is that they are not defined in the aircraft cfg, in the path MyTraffic\Aircraft there is a small add-ons called Manage_Aircraft_Config.exe , which leads me to believe that the lights are hardcoded in the MDL of the airplane itself, as it also appears in ModelConverterX.


The only lights in the aircraft cfg that I could find there is


light.0 = 2,0.0,    0.00,  0.0, fx_strobeh ,


When it should look something like that

//(non-winglet lights)
//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing

light.0 = 3, -18.51, -54.9, 5.16, fx_navred
light.1 = 3, -18.51, 54.90, 5.16, fx_navgre
light.2 = 2, -19.98, -55.45, 5.23, fx_strobe
light.3 = 2, -19.98, 55.45, 5.23, fx_strobe
light.4 = 1, -3.7, 0.01, -3.73, fx_beacon
light.5 = 1, 4.00, 0, 10.18, fx_beacon
light.6 = 3, -24.04, 56.39, 5.09, fx_navwhi
light.7 = 3, -24.04, -56.39, 5.09, fx_navwhi
light.8 = 2, -55.00, 0, 8.32, fx_strobe

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It should for user planes - it must not for AI planes.


Lights in the aircraft.config are visible from far, they are tracked all over the reality bubble. Your example would mean that every AI aircraft within 150 miles would make 8 draw calls.


The maximal number highest end hardware can handle are about 2000 before performance breaks down. Take half of them for AI, this means that we limit the number of AI aircraft to 125 ( less since some are near and generate more draw calls) - which is far to little, in many areas wie have 500 or more aircraft around us. Somple math tells us NOT to place more than one light into the config file for AI aircraft.

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