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FSUIPC and Airbus X

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I've searched the forum but found no answer to my doubts.

I usually I use the offset 07BC to know if the autopilot is on or off, but with airbus x, this offset does not work.


Is there any way to read and change the state of the airbus-x autopilot with fsuipc?

Peter intends to make some dll that allows to interact with this airbus as it did with PMDG?

I really like this plane but I have a program that interacts with fsx using FSUIPC and I can not use with this airbus because aerosoft use custom code to this offsets. :(


Thanks for your answers.



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Hi Framac,


The answer is local variables, rather than offsets, and LUA, but in order to simplify that, take a look at LINDA - http://fs-linda.com/ - that needs a registered version of FSUIPC4, but may be of use.


You are correct in that Aerosoft use entirely custom code for the autoflight systems of their Airbus models. If the other program you are using can only work with the default autopilot functions then it will not work with the Aerosoft packs, no. Hopefully LINDA - or directly programmed LUA - might be able to help with that.


If LINDA can't assist (it's for assigning functions to joysticks and other control devices, so probably won't interact with another program) then the LUA documentation is in the modules/FSUIPC documentation folder, or can be found on the internet using a quick search. There are a number of LUA programmers here who would be able to provide assistance - not including me, sorry - if you have any questions about using it.




Ian P.

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Thanks for your reply.

The program is written in C# and I think I can not read and write offsets from FSUIPC using LUA, or I'm wrong?


It's possible to use the offset 66C0 (free for general use) to read AND WRITE the airbus offset using LUA?


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I don't know, I'm afraid. As I mentioned above, I'm not one of the LUA fraternity, just the grumpy forum admin. Although I did play with C++ for a while, it was a long time ago and I've never programmed in C#, or for that matter, LUA.


If no-one else comes along with advice shortly, I'm sure Pete will comment when he returns from his holiday.


Edit: Is there no way to read and write directly to the LVars?


All the best,


Ian P.

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