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KMIA Follow company command issues


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Hi, I have noticed when commanding aircraft to follow company, they seem to run over one another when holding short of for example runway 8R.  They just stack on top of one another right before the runway hold point.  If I tell them to taxi to runway 8R for example for each call out, then they are fine and stop behind each other.  Anyone else notice this this the "follow company" command?





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I've defintely experienced the issue of aircraft 'running over' each other MANY times (I predominantely play KLAX airport - so it's clearly not restricted to only KMIA), but I've never made a connection with this 'issue' and the "Follow Compay" command.


I never noticed any particular cause for this issue and assumed it to be 'random' (not that anything is EVER truely random where computers are concerned, only unpredicable), but you might be right; perhaps it is an issue that occurs only with the use of the "Follow Company" command.


I'll have a little play around to see whether I can reproduce it.


Sorry I can't offer a solution/fix, but only empathy as someone who shares your pain :)

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Hi Guys,


I think what happens here is that when you issue follow company the plane following only sees the plane it is following. Therefore if anything gets between the two the one behind cannot see it and just barrels over it. I personally haven't used it for some time but if you are testing try it without any other plane getting between the two company planes and see if it works.



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