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SYNC issue between server and clients PC

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Dear Pete/All,


I'm working on this problem quite a while now and even with help of e.g. Aerosoft I haven't been able to tackle the problem.


1. Our problem


We run a 3 PC/Screen setup using FSUIPC, WIdeview, WideFS with FSX. For textures we use REX4 and have MegasceneryEarth on different countries and custom airports from Aerosoft (EDDL, EDDM, LEBL, LFMN and EGLL). 


What we have noticed is the same behaviour on all Aerosoft sceneries, with most issues on EDDL


The middle screen (server PC) is 100 % perfect. When we switch from our default startup EHAM to any of the above airports the buildings and traffic are shown and on the right elevation.


However, for all sceneries on the two clients PC's the traffic is half visible (sunk in concrete) or flying in the air. Also, with EDDL buildings are not completely loaded



2. My guess


From above you can see when we switch from airport (or when we fly to an airport) the client PCs have this behaviour. However, when leaving the PC's on for e.g. 12 hours (so day becomes night) after I switched from airport the problem is gone, the airport and traffic looks perfect.

Also, when on one of the client PC going to scenery library (and do nothing but just oK) the problems is solved.


I believe that when changing airport on the Server PC the scenery doesn't really refresh (so start loading is NOT visible) but is visible (very quickly as well).



3. Solution


Not sure which part of the software should trigger that the scenery is reloaded correctly on the client PC's. If I'm at the wrong place in this forum please direct me into the place where I should be




The problem is driving me nuts,


Thanks a lot









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