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Need help with Tracon! 2012 keycode issue


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I came across this game via a youtube video and have been desperate to play it...I went out and bought a headset with mic specially. I bought the game from justflight.com - here: http://www.justflight.com/product/tracon-2012 and was provided the link and keycode in "my account"


...but the keycode does not work.

Any help getting this game working is greatly appreciated. I'm getting really frustrated at the lack of response from justflight, which is why I am here before I take up a charge back with my Visa provider.


The installer runs fine, I get an initial screen, followed by a page where I accept the terms. The next page is where I enter my name, company and the keycode. I enter the keycode, but the "next" button remains greyed out and I cannot proceed.


I am not new to computers. I have ensured that I am typing the keycode correctly. I have tried copying it and pasting it. I have tried copying it into the clipboard before I launch the installer at the suggestion of justfeel support who said it would automatically populate (it didn't).


When I enter the keycode manually into the three fields provided, the cursor automatically jumps to the second keycode field after I type the first part.... it doesn't repeat this for the second box, into the third... which suggests to me that the code is invalid.


I have tried asking feelthere to verify the keycode by responding to their email from my original ticket, but the support address automatically bounces emails....



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Your reply was not helpful.

I never asked you to "connect with Just Flight's purchasing system" and I didn't ask you to provide me with an unlock key. I already told you I have contacted Just Flight and am awaiting a response (2 days, 3 hours). Answering questions I did not ask comes across as patronising and dismissive.


I posted a lot because I am frustrated, but my main points were:

- "any help getting [the] game working would be greatly appreciated"

- I mentioned that I asked feelThere if they could verify my key, which I have already emailed. I assume feelThere have a copy of the game lying around somewhere and they could try typing the keycode in. Or at the very least just cast a cursory glance at it to visually see if it appears valid (correct format? character missing?) 



I don't know if you think I am just trying to score a free keycode. The charge should appear on my online statement tomorrow. I can screenshot it for you.

In the meantime:



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I'm getting responses from justflight via email now, slowly but surely.


They confirm that the keycode does not work, which I am happy to finally hear acknowledged.


They are in the process of trying to get a replacement key that works, or a working installer (as another key they generated also did not work), from feelThere.

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I feel a bit for Newbie & his position with the keycode.

I have purchased many of the Tower & Tracon scenerios. All through Feelthere/Bmtmicro with absolutely no problems. 

The downloads are good and the support documentation i.e. registration Key, ID password for future downloads, etc all that is necessary if needed to redownload at a later date.

My recommendation to anyone purchasing Tracon or Tower scenerios is to do it through the Feelthere site as it all works well and burn them to a DVD/CD for future reinstallations if required (computer rebuild etc.)

If I was to have a criticism, is that feelthere doesn't seem to do updates to their products with minor tweeks as a lot of other S/W companies do. Also there does not seem to be a version number on their products to cross refer to for the latest versions.

If they do regular updates, they don't seem to advertise these to newsletter receipients.

Newbie, don't give up as they both are great programs, although with some funny things at time.

Kev M

Brisbane Australia



Can't wait for the release of the "centrer" program.

Kev M

Brisbane Australia

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@kevin ... updates?  as in: correcting the inability to create one's own air space?... the editor is really just a means

                for the customer to correct the mistakes one invariably finds... such as: wrong altitudes upon STAR entry, etc....

                feelthere really do need to 'freshen' things up a tad ...

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 ok .. thanks vic,


i can't find the purchase info for tracon! ... i guess it was erased some where along the way ... i have pretty much every other

receipt from the end of 2013 on ... that's what i was sending to you ... i'm thinking that doesn't satisfy your request of proof of purchase..


@ stuall ...sorry..i didn't mean to hy-jack your thread ...

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