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Multiplayer aircraft in FSC & P3D

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Hi there,


First of all, here's the required information about our setup:


1. Prepar3D (V2.3) on 3 PCs on LAN (not connected to the internet).
2. FSUIPC 4.936 / WideFS7 (2069). (Wideclient 6.999)
3. FS Commander 9.5 with FSCP3DCFG2 file installed in the main P3D folder.

4. Our system is on a private network, and no internet access so we don't download AIRAC Cycles
5. FS9.5 downloaded from website. Purchased licence from SimMarket
6. Operating System: Windows 7/64


Description of our setup: 2 PCs, which I'll name #1 and #2 use P3D with TACPACK. Normally use #1 PC to host the sessions.

#3 PC simulates our AWAC aircraft, and also has P3D v2.3 installed.

Once all 3 are joined up over the network, I don't have any issues seeing the #1 and #2 aircraft on the #3 PC in normal P3D ATC RADAR.

I start FSC and connect to FS via the GPS option. All the labels are on and AI is selected.

The #1 and #2 aircraft show up on the ground at the airport and is visible on FSC.


The problem I have is that for some reason, the multiplayer aircraft disappear when airborne. On other occasions, only the #1 aircraft is visible. I can see the call sign and data for the #1 aircraft.

All the options are enabled to see AI traffic on FSC. 


I have tried exiting out of both P3D multiplayer session and FSC, then starting up WideFS7. It comes up with a window indicated FS98 Waiting for Connection, and the window stays blank. 

Nothing seems to be happening. I load FSC and connect to FS and I get an error message stating that it cannot connect. Message #14. 

I don't know if it's a network configuration or not. I can't see why it would it be, because the #1 and #2 aircraft are visible in the FSC session. 


Anyone have any ideas as to why the contacts would disappear off FSC when airborne?


Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.




I have the Wideclient logs as well, couldn't upload.

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