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ICAO changes (solved)


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I fly quite a bit round Africa and am constantly having a problem with changing airport ICAOs.


To give a couple of examples, Johannesburg recently changed the ICAO from FAJS to FAOR and the old Durban airport FADN is now disused and has been replaced with King Shaka, FALE.


I currently use the Navigraph Airac cycle system, and have cycle 1412 Rev 2 installed for both FSC and PMDG.  I notice that the PMDG database uses the recent ICAO changes, but my FS Commander ( version 9.5.1 ) doesn't appear to.


If I run the FSC Database Manager, this gets information from FSX, which is quite a few years old now and FS Commander therefore still shows FAJS and FADN. 


Is there something I'm not doing but should be doing to have FSC show the current ICAO changes.


Many thanks





Running FSX Gold  and FSUIPC v 4.9 registered

FSC v9.5.1 build 4th May 2014.    Downloaded

Navigraph Airac cycle 1412  Rev 2

Windows 7 / 64 bit

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Just a thought, but if FS Commander gets its airport informatiion from FSX, then it is FSX that needs to be updated.  There is no option to do this from Navigraph or indeed from anywhere else as far as I know, therefore FSC can never be updated.


If the above is correct, exactly what does each Airac cycle do within FS Commander ?



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Hi Ron,


You are correct - FSCommander doesn't update ICAO codes on the map from navdata - indeed the navdata does not include that information for FSC.


Edited to add: The AIRAC updates include correct enroute data, such as airways and fixes, plus approach and departure procedures.


The codes you are seeing are those read from your MSFS scenery configuration and, as the data in that is almost a decade old, yes, it the default airport ICAOs have many errors, omissions and entries for airports long since closed.


If you install AFD files for new and/or changed airports, then run the scenery scan as is necessary when you first install FSC, then it will pick up the new airports/ICAO codes. Unfortunately it is next to impossible to remove closed airports (or remove old ICAOs) from the FSX database, but what you can do is remove all their runways, taxiways, etc, so all they are is an aerodrome information tag and all the runways/taxiways/parkings/etc are referenced by the replacement airport.




Ian P. 

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