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CH Pedals - Calibrate Brake-Axis

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I have assigned the axis in FSUIPC 4.937 with my CH-Pedals:

x: leftbrake

y: rightbrake

z: rudder


To assign these axis worked fine. But there is a problem with the calibration of the brake-axis:


I can only calibrate the z-axis (Rudder) with the set-button. When I want to calibrate the x- and y-axes (brake-axes), then it's written 'axis not processed' in the joystick calibration-register. I can't even activate the calibraton by pushing on the set-button.


Thanks for helping me, Thomas

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Tell me how you have assigned the brake axes: what type of assignment (direct to FSUIPC, or to FS?), and which actual drop-down selection did you use?


The "Axis not processed" message is ONLY displayed until you press the Set button. The calibration can always be set, because it processes FS controls, NOT the axes, so it doesn't even matter if it isn't assigned.



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All of the top left set buttons on all of the calibration pages do the same thing, It's just exactly the same code. if it worked for you with the rudder it simply must do the same for all of the others. It's just a standard Windows dialogue, and the button is processed by Windows which sends the event to the same code in every case.


Please go through all of the pages, all 4 positions on each, pressing SET then RESET for each which has one, and tell me exactly what you see each time -- which ones operate and which don't. Maybe, if there's a pattern, we can work out what's wrong. At present I cannot think of anything which can do this. It's a first for unchanged code lasting these last 14 years or so!



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Page 1 works fine.

Page 2: NO reaction when pushing set button 'Left Brake' and 'Right Brake'. And also: 'Prop pitch out' and 'Min-Set' written in grey instead of black.

Pages 3-11 are working also fine.

At every assigned and calibrated item is written '..... (direct!)'; Ailerons (direct!), Elevator (direct!), Rudder (direct!), Throttle (direct!), Prop pitch (direct!), Mixture (direct!), Left brake (direct!), Right brake (direct!).



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