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GoFlight Modules and FSUIPC

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Peter will have to answer the question on FSUIPC compatability but if you are using GoFlight Cockpit Control Systems Software V1.27b that is found at http://www.goflightinc.com/support.html then the GF-P8 can be programmed with key strokes. GoFlight Cockpit Control Systems Software V1.27b is FS2004 compatible but currently has no key stroke programming capabilities for the GF-T8.

Hope this Helps

Grant Beach

Window XP Pro

Intel D850MV Motherboard

Intel Pentium 4 2.00 GHz 1000 Mb RAM

ATI Radeon 9700 Pro 128 Mb

VMAX Flight Systems AFCS III Yoke USB

Cirrus Ruder Pedals USB

FlightLink Twin Engine PQ USB

GoFlight GF-AC Cockpit Control System

1x RP48, 1x GF-P8, 2x GF-T8, 1x GF-45, 3x GF166A, 1x GF-MCP & 1x GF-LGT

MicroSoft FS2002/FS2004 / X-Plane 7.00 / Fly! II

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Does any one knows if it´s anyway to make FSUIPC to recognize the P8 and T8 modeules from GoFlight so buttons can be programmed via FSUIPC

Apart from the special facilities in FSUIPC to read buttons from the PFC driver, the only buttons it can see are those reported through the standard Windows joystick API (joyGetPosEx). this is an older interface than the DirectInput one used by FS itself. It supports 32 buttons on each of up to 16 joysticks.

If the GoFlight drivers are only supporting the DirectInput interface then FSUIPC won't see them.



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