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AI have the landing lights switched on at flight level??

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I have FSX Acc SP2  and My Traffic prof. 54c.


Why are the AI aircrafts always flying around with the landing lights turned on?


Is there a way to fix it or is it built into that model, an old model? Most of the time

it looks like it is the smaller singel engine that does this.


If there is a hack fix for it I would like to know about it. I am a programmer since 35+ years so you can be very technical.


This is a little irritating to meet airplanes with landing lights turned on the whole time.

Right now I have a small company in Air Hauler and are most of the time at low levels with the Aerosoft Twin Otter Ext. and Carenados 208B.


Or is it the problem with FPS? I read somewhere that if FSX can not reach up to the FPS (eg. 30 in FSX settings) limit it just skips dealing with AI lights.


Are all My Traffic airplanes for FSX and the latest models? Or are some from FS 2004 era?




/Per W


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Today I saw two airplanes at 7000 feet. One with the Landing lights on and the other with it off. Strange! The one with lights on

was not going to land, just continued out from Sweden out over the baltic sea.

I have changed the FPS setting and did set it at an level FSX can get up to.


Something wrong. See if I can figure out what model and remove that one and remake the GAtraffic.bgl. Have the FSX SDK.


No big deal after all but it just irritates me a little.



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Landing lights despite their name are not only used for landing, company practice with many airlines is to turn on landing lights below 10,000 feet even in the daytime. It's used as an extra visibility safety device and not just to see where you are landing at night.


yes I know about big jets should have landing lights on below 10 000 flying commersial. I fly a lot with PMDGS 737 and 777 in a VA and I follow that rule always, day or night.


But my problem here is about small single engine private planes. Is that rule for them too?


/Per W


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