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Embraer ERJ-145 ASEL knob not working


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I just purchased Embraer Regional Jets for FSX, Version 2, SPK4 and I am having a problem with the autopilot. When ALT is selected, the ASEL knob does not change the number above the altitude tape. It remains 000 so when I engage the autopilot it flies the plane into the ground. I am running FSX on a Windows 7, 64 bit machine. Anyone have a solution?

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I uninstalled and reinstalled several time with no success.

When the value is 000, the left mouse clicks could not be used to increase the value.

However, quite by accident, I found that a right mouse click increases the value to 900 and then the left mouse clicks work again (but only to decrease the value by 100 with each click).

I still can't use the left mouse click to increase the value to 1000.

Also, the mouse wheel only works to decrease the value. It will not increase the value.

Is that how it is supposed to work ???


I have a new problem. The HUD display doesn't work.

Also, I have to reduce my screen resolution or the Flight Info window will come up black. 

The HUD doesn't display no matter how low I have my screen resolution.

I have a lot of MegaEarth Scenery so they want to have the graphic settings high and filtering and aliasing that I don't understand well enough to know it that might be my problem.

Uninstalling and reinstalling hasn't help this problem either.

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I installed FSX and Embraer Regional Jets on another computer and the HUD works as intended.

I "repaired" FSX on the problem PC but this did not fix the HUD.

The video card on my problem PC is a Nvidia GeForce GT 320.

The other computer has a Nvidia GeForce Go 6150.

The GT 320 has gamma correction and shadow cache ON.

The other settings are similar.

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