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Throttles-Rudders-Brakes--What a Mess!!!

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Hello all and Happy Holidays. My holidays would be somewhat nicer if I could get my Thrustmaster Warthog controllers to work with FSX. Things are so messed up that not even FSUIPC can help a dunce like me. I'm quite sure the key problem is operator error. Regardless of aircraft, when I move the throttle, the rudders move as well. That makes for dicey takeoffs. In the calibration screen, the numbers in the boxes other than the throttles change when I move the throttles back and forth. Also, the brakes are backward and I can't find how to invert them.


Have ya'll guessed by now that I'm a complete and total Noobie?


I've searched the various forums and have yet to find a similar problem. Is there perhaps a profile I could use?  I should mention that the throttle is messing up in Falcon BMS,not working at all in P3D and works fine in DCS. Can anyone make this poor lad's Christmas a little merrier.


Thanks all and best regards,

Bill Krull

Lake Charles, Louisiana 

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Regardless of aircraft, when I move the throttle, the rudders move as well. 


That just means you have them assigned to more than one thing, in different places. Most likely is that you are trying to assign in FSUIPC without disabling controllers in FS. Either do all assignments in FS, or all in FSUIPC.  It doesn't matter where you do them, just only in one place! You can calibrate in FSUIPC, if you wish, no matter where you assign them.


Also, the brakes are backward and I can't find how to invert them.


If you assign in FS you simply select the reverse option there to reverse the direction. If you calibrate in FSUIPC the reverse is the REV option. But don't reverse in both places or they will cancel out. And calibrate AFTER selecting reverse, not before!


There is a User Guide supplied with FSUIPC, in the FSUIPC documents folder. Take a look sometime, it will help.



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