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wideclient and xpwidecliente conflict help

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we have this simulator:


we use project magenta and fs2004

we need start at all moment fs2004 and some time xplane, so we put in the INI of all computers star widefs (peter dawson) and xpwideclient(torsen)….  but it is a conflict between this 2, fs2004 client stop  when both are open and only run if we close xpwideclient…

what we can do to work with widefs and xpwideclient at the same time??? or this is impossible????


if i start xpwide first, when i start widefs it crash, said error "some like similar are running".

if i star first, widefs, and xpwide second, no error , but widefs don't send data to fs2004, at the moment that i close xpwide , widefs transmit data perfect….

it use same "chanel"? how i can change it?

note that in a big simulator, its hard and difficult start only xpwideclient if we want use x-plane or widefs if we want use a 2004,,, WE NEED star both without make any change in computers….


what we can do?????


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it use same "chanel"? how i can change it?.


I think you must mean "Port", rather than channel,  and you can change the ports used by parameters in the WideClient.INI and in the [WideServer] section if the FSUIPC4.INI file.  Please refer to the WideFS Technical manual, look for the Port and Port2 parameters.


Change both ends. Obviously they must be the same.


I expect your XP version has similar options.



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