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EMB 145 Strange Problem


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Top end computer so this is not the issue.  I have no problems with PMDG or LevelD planes.


ERJ 145

CH Yoke (Brand New)

Flying on VATSIM

Using SB3 for Pilot Client


Button 1 on my yoke is set for PTT in FSUIPC (paid version).  Configured fine when checking SB3 after logging on VATSIM.  Voice coms work fine on the ground.  It is after I have engaged the AP that something weird happens when I depress PTT.  The aural that you hear when the A/P is disengaged sounds and the green A/P in the PFD turns to a white TCR?  I can still communicate with VATSIM controllers but I have to hear the aural warning and it actually is disengaging the A/P only while it is depressed.  I had the same problem with my old CH Yoke and could never figure out what is happening.  I ended up programing a different PTT key.  I also eliminated all keyboard selections in FSX on the controller page that had any A/P references with no luck.


Does anyone have any ideas?  It has got to be an issue with this specific plane and CH Yoke.  Not sure what else to try.


Thanks in Advance Dave.

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