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Dale West

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Love this add on to death.... I was hoping to see updated schedules on the 5.4c like at my home airport FLL with new airlines that now serve there as well as increased flights from the top carriers there such as JetBlue and Southwest... not a biggie really, but it would make the sim experience more real. A question I do have however is are we able to edit which gates certain airlines park?

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I have a question concerning ADE. I have ADE 165 and of course I did look at the manual, but I can´t get along with right now. I only want to make changes to the parking spots, so My Traffic can put the aircraft there which is in the schedule. I use My Traffic Live in the comunicator, but I think as long the AFCAD is not right, you don´t get everything. Another thing is, when downloaded the Live Traffic, where is it saved? How can I open it? I just want to make it work properly and I know it might be a little work. But I think it´s worth it.


I also saw a youtube video of ADE, but still, if things get out of control, the sim is kaputt. It works so nice now and I don´t want to reinstall.


If anyone has an noobsafe guide for parking spots in ADE, you are welcome.



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There is very limited damage you can do when amending an airport using ADE - provided that you save your replacement file with a new name and place it in a higher priority (i.e. lower numbered layer, nearer the top) within your scenery list.


Say you alter EGBO, ADE will save your new file as "EGBO_ADEX_PvA.bgl". If there's a problem, delete that file and you're back to exactly where you were.


Ian P.

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Ok, I´m just testing now and already made a successful .bgl file without a crash. In the properties of the parking spot are some codes listed, which can be modified. That´s exactly what I want. If you leave this blank, will FSX pick an aircraft from the schedule of My Traffic or will the parking spot always be unused? If you erase all codes in there, the spot appears in a lighter green colour. Spots with airline codes appear in a darker green.

Do you know where to find the schedule by My Traffic X 5.4c Pro? Where is saved and how can you open it?


Thank you for knowledge!

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First, you cannot edit schedule bgls - all you can do is to create a new one, but there is no need to do so anyways. All a schedule contains is that it tells the airport that an aircraft is approaching - the rest is only under control of the airport.


So, if you give the parkings an airline code SWA, and compile and use this modified airport, this will increase the probability that a Southwest plane will park on this location.


But, parking codes are only a part of the equation, parking types and parking radii are other elements. Southwest is a simple example, they only fly 737s which all need parkings of 18m radius, so if you give a couple of parkings the type gate, the radius 18m and the parking code SWA, then it is very likely you only see Southwest planes in that section of the airport.


If you give a 23m parking the code SWA, FSX will prefer to use this for an AAL 757 than to waste such a bigger parking to 737s, so you must consider all this to achieve what you want.


And FSX, whenever a parking is needed, witll use the one that fits best, so if an airport is more than 30-50% full it has not much choice left and will fill all parkings, no matter what you code. 


Hope this helps.

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