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Richard Macdonald Woods

Potential TOPER improvements <Solved>

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Hi Nicola!


Very happy with TOPER so far!


I suggest the following improvements:

  1. Insert wind, temperature and QNH from a look-up
  2. Remember previously used aircraft variant, flaps, a/c, a/i, and units settings and use them in next invocation of program
  3. Make the Calculate button larger and more prominent colour, and place below the units group
  4. Make the V-speeds box separate from the input parameters box and have in a more prominent colour than the former.

Regards, Richard McDonald Woods

Winchester, UK

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Dear Richard,


first of all I would like to thank you for your feedback. Any suggestion, criticism or comment is much appreciated.

TOPER was designed to accurately mimic Boeing's OPT (onboard performance tool) in style and color as well as functionality. I do realize that current layout might not be the optimal solution for every single user, but I will look into adding some extra features that will allow the user to further customize TOPER.

I like the idea of saving a/c and unit specific preferences and will look into incorporating these features into future updates.

I didn't really understand the V-speeds layout suggestion. Perhaps you can send me an example.


Kindest regards,

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Hi Nicola,


Sorry but I hadn't realised that the design was based on the (poor?) Boeing OPT.


The section where the calculated V speeds are shown (which is the main object of the app) is initially not prominent. My suggestion was aimed at just making them more prominent. But if you decide against, the app is still very usable.


Many thanks,

Regards, Richard

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Hi Nikola,

Many thanks for V3.1. The assumed temperature settings will be very useful, and TOPER should become a most valued product for all serious B777 flyers.

The next step might be to include the calculations for derated takeoff and climb thrusts. I have found this document very useful.

Any ideas of when you might include these?

Regards, Richard

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