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Bought FSUIC4 early on and used it through reinstall of Windows, upgrade of Windows, reinstall of fsx. Unfortunately my Windows 7 -64 crashed and I had to upgrade to Windows (ugh) 8.1. Am attempting to reinstall the FSUIPC4 I had saved in another drive. Don't have my registration key - have the WIDE and its key, but can't find my original receipt and key #. Any relief or do I need to repurchase FSUIPC? If so will the new one work with old WIDE?

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Thanks - Simmarket has my WIDE, but not my FSUIC4.


It must have both, unless you got FSUIPC4 illicitly, or through the Japanese dealer, or from Project Magenta?


Or perhaps you have another SimMarket account in a different name or email address?


I can't really retrieve it for you, either, without your real name and any email addresses you might have used.



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I bought it - I am sure I got from simmarket. It is not illegally obtained and those other sites do not ring a bell. Bought wide in November of 2011 so I am sure I must have purchased that at the same time or at least close to it,  think before it. I will check for a different account - that is possible. Thanks.

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OK - I broke down and purchased another copy of fsuipc4. It is in and ready to go. Now I get the wide client fs98- waiting for connection. You say to go to the sub forum on this issue - where in the hell is the sub forum? Thanks, This is extremely frustrating.

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Now I get the wide client fs98- waiting for connection. You say to go to the sub forum on this issue - where in the hell is the sub forum?


What subforum? Who says that?


There are several subforums in most forums -- see the list at the top of this one. They include



FAQ - answers to Frequently Asked questions

Download Links - latest versions of all my programs and other goodies here

User Contributions - lots of useful stuff there


But if you have a problem with FSUIPC or WideFS then you are in the right place here. But you need to give more information. "Waiting for clients" is normal for the Server when it is waiting for connections, and "Waiting for connection" is normal for the client when it is waiting for FS. Have you referred to the WideFS user guide? Try looking at the section about configuring your network.


There are logs produced both by the server ("WideServer.log" in the FS Modules folder) and client ("WideClient.log" in the WideClient folder on the client PC). Those will help reveal any problems in connecting.


I'm afraid this is my last posting here until I return on February 28th. Off on holiday in the morning.


It might be a good idea to post details of your problems, with the contents of the log files pasted in, in a new thread with an appropriate title, because no one else is going to look at one called "lost key". If you make the title explicit then maybe someone else will be able to help you whilst I'm away.



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