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Tracon 2012!, How to create a sector, let's go for CYVR (Vancouver International Airport)


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I'm trying to teach you how to make a sector file of your favorite airport.
I use the test.asx base (found on this forum) and then edit this in such a way to build CYVR (Vancouver International Airport).This is done in parts, that's why it is possible that this topic is not updated for a while.
Please do not reply to this topic, but rather via PM.
It is also important to let the AirpaceEd.exe run as administrator.

I use Notepad ++ for text editing.


This is the first screen we you load the test.asx




First thing to do is, get some information about the airport.

I use AirNav for that, here's the basic information: http://www.airnav.com/airport/CYVR

We will put that via Notepad ++ in the test.asx file (don't use the editor for this, it will crash)

Make sure in the editor itself to put in a Mag-True of -19, as found in "Variation: 19E.






Now, let's add the runways:




These runways have to pair, 8R goes on 26L etc.


I manually put these runways in Notepad ++ and then load the file in the editor.

On the right side select the runways, it turns yellow.

Then via a hold/left mouse click drag 8R on 26L etc. (this can be a little hard to do)



It's important that each runway has at least one SID and STAR, that's why i created fictional SIDS A, B, C and D and four fictional STAR routes.

We combine them with the runways, we'll have to make two SIDS and STARS by ourselves, because we have six runways.

Don't worry, we will make real SID's and STARS.




When we start up Tracon!2012, the airfield is showing up:




Now we can make our first STAR, CANNUCK TWO

To get the information, search e.g. on IVAO or VATSIM of Canada, http://www.ivao.ca/charts/cap

To get the STAR working, first we must make Waypoints.

These wayoints have to be converted to lat/lon, i use http://andrew.hedges.name/experiments/convert_lat_long/for that.

In the test.asx there are a few fictional waypoints, you can edit these.

First waypoint in the CANNUCK TWO arrival is BOOTH, then VITEV and so on.

For each waypoint, convert it to lat/lon and put in in the editor.

This is the final result:








We can now create the STAR by clicking with the right mouse and holding/dragging it to the next waypoint.

Looking at the chart, we can also put in the altitude constraints, e.g. at LANNE between 10 and 14 thousand feet, so i put 11000 in the Alt box.

In the Custom field, add the runway for this STAR:




This is the complete STAR for runways 08L and 08R:







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Thanks to this article and the help from this user I was able to successfully create a KORD sector.  It's in it's early stages but fully functional.  I plan on making a similar post for those that may be struggling to help out.





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Would love to.  Was thinking of making a short video just to demonstrate the Sector and not my ATC skills.  :-)

Obviously Chicago is very complex however once you have a basic sector you can make others off of it.


For example you could have ORD west operations, that would have the STARS route the aircraft right to the downwind as is done for real.  

Plus certain runways would only be used.

You would just have to modify the sector a bit to get the STARS to filter in the aircraft as they would in real life.

Then simply select this Sector, which would be set up automatically with the winds, and modified stars and you are controlling with west operations.

Do the same with east ops and so forth.


I'm not sure how many are actually using this software anymore but it is enjoyable and keeps me in practice for VATSIM.

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I like also to thank Satch_999 for his "howto". It helped me with understanding the sector files and is very useful when creating a new sector.


And there are some other good postings in this forum from other users with were of value too.





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Is there a limit to the number or runways any one airport can have?,

I have 95% completed ORD/MDW Tracon but have got to the point where if I add another runway to Ohare the game crashes on startup. I figure its limited to 6 runways, a shame when KORD will have 8 runways once revamp completed.




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