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Autopilot Check for PMDG


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Hi Hermann,


For the 737NGX there are special offsets available, listed in the document called "Offset Mapping for PMDG 737NGX.pdf". This will be in the "modules\FSUIPC Document" folder. 


Looking in there I can see an offset for MCP_annunCMD_A (0x6545) and MCP_annunCMD_B (0x6547). Both are 1 byte. You'll need to check both to see if either is on.


Be sure to read the top of this document as you need to edit some ini files to get these special offsets working.


For other PMDG planes like the 777, I'm not sure if these offsets will work; I think probably not. There could be other ways of accessing the information such as Panel Variables (L:Vars) which you can access via a LUA plugin, but you would need to ask on PMDG forums.



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Hi Paul,


Thanks for your answer. This is not so simple as I thought. Hmmmm!


Is there a way to read via FSUIPC whether the user use a standard FSX aircraft or an addon aircraft? I know with 3D00 i can read the Aircraft name. Is there any flag in FSX for a standard aircraft or an addon aircraft.


I want to write a program where we make a rating flight. With given departure and arrival airport, route and weather conditions. And on this flight no autopilot may of course be used.


Best regards,


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Hi Hermann,


I don't think there is such a flag, I certainly can't see anything in the FSUIPC offset list.


The only suggestion I have is what you've already thought of: Read the aircraft name at 0x3D00 and check against a list of the built-in aircraft.


Pete might have a better idea when he gets back.



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