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"Button Screen Facilities" failures creation offsets Help needed

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Dear Pete,


I want to create to a wide client pc a "Button Screen Facilities" with a couple of pages in order to use it as a failures pages for fsx.

I read the tutorial of how to create this and I understand how to make it but my problem is about the offsets I need.

 As I see inside fsx in general tabs "aircraft-failures" this opens the failures section and I see a five tabs failures available.

Ok so far. Now I opened the "options-settings-controls" section for example and I am going to "button/keys-all events-failures"

section but inside there I see only a few that are available and the rest are missing. Then I search inside fsuipc in "keypresses"

section but after I applied a key I did a quick search on list with the commands but I saw the same few failures available.

Is there any possibility to get the rest of the failures as well? Many thanks in advance.

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Is there any possibility to get the rest of the failures as well? Many thanks in advance.


Not sure what the ones you found are. FSUIPC doesn't provide any failure instigating facilities whatsoever. There maybe several built-in FS controls which you are seeing, and you might get others triggered by using Offsets (there are assignable controls for changing offsets), but most decent Instructor Stations and add-on aircraft which support proper failures which realistic symptoms do their own thing. The built in ones are pretty useless really, and programmatic access to them is limited, to say the least.



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