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Frankfurt for Tower / Problem frame rate

Paulo Romeira

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For me the game lags no matter the time. It also takes around 20-30min to load up before it will actually work, but then it is at a very slow frame rate. 

I love it though and really want to play it at the full possibility. 

Thanks for the help.


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I also experienced long loading times and sluggish frame rates, but my computer isn't really "state-of-the-art".


What helped me was diabling the "shadows". Try renaming the "Frankurt_Airport_shadow.raw" file to

"Frankfurt_Airport_shadowxxx.raw" (or something like that) to see if it gets better on your system.


I have no idea if it will help with Paulo's problems at night but it might be worth a try.



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For whatever its worth, I have not experienced any performance issues with EDDF.  My machine is mid-range (core 15-2500k with a GFX760 graphics card.  Sorry you are having trouble.  This is a nice one.  It has always amazed me how much bigger and sprawling EDDF seems on the ground, than it really is.  When inside the terminal building it always seems that you can walk for miles and get lost easily, almost like KJFK or KATL, but the actual facility is much simpler and more compact than either of those giants, as can be seen in the top-down view in this game or from the air.



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