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ERJ 145, 135 and ERJ 145 XR (XRJ) - v.2 Nothing Active in VC After Install


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New purchase from BMT Micro and installed on dedicated  sim PC I7-3770K (3.5), 16 GB 1600 RAM, EVGA 670 and ASUS P8Z77-V PRO. No problems during install. When opening any of the models the VC is cold and dark but the plane is moving down the runway. Changing the config utility makes no change to this event. Nothing is active in the VC except Shift 6 and 7 do come up, but are not responsive thereafter. Clicks on any item that shows a hand when mouse over does not respond.


Uninstalled and reinstalled four times with the same results each time. Would sure appreciate help in finding a solution to this problem.





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Before launching FS, I used the config utility to change all the listed items in the "Quick Start" section of the manual and saved the settings. Then opened FSX and made a default flight in a C-172 starting at S Parking 8 in KMWH. Then changed to the ERJ 145LR and set AI traffic to "0", WX to clear and the fuel to 5699 pounds total.


Opened the flight to find the plane slowly moving on the ramp and the VC cold and dark. Brought the plane to a stop. Unable to open the OVERHEAD panel to power up. When Shift 2 thru 9 is activated, there is a <1sec. flash of a black box of different sizes appearing, except for shift 6 & 7 which open, but do not respond to additional clicks. Nothing else in the VC is active when clicked on or cursor is moved on a knob.


I note in the manual that "only 32 bit systems are supported." Mine is 64 bit, and I do not see a compatibility mode option like was in XP. Is the sim working with Win 7 64 bit systems?


Hope you can help solve this problem.



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UPDATE: Here is what Microsoft says about using Win XP Mode:


"In order to use Windows XP Mode, you need to make sure your computer meets certain system requirements, otherwise Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode won't work correctly, even though you might be able to download and install them. Before you begin, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you're running Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate. [this left me out]
  2. Find out whether your computer's CPU is capable of hardware-assisted virtualization.

Windows XP Mode was primarily designed to help businesses move from Windows XP to Windows 7. It isn't optimized for graphic-intensive programs, nor is it well suited for programs with higher hardware requirements."


Uninstalled the program from the above referenced PC and installed it on a less hardware intensive PC but still meeting the minimum hardware requirements and running Win 7 64 bit. The program is working so far without a problem.


Thanks, David, for your support.

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