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Very nice taxi pattern reference for KATL


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The article below is a few years old, but still current.   Anyone who uses the KATL for Tower 2011 may find it to be of interest in optimizing their taxi routes.  Works like a charm when using an east flow.





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During an east flow, I believe they use a similar routing on the north side by means of taxiways B and V.  However V is too narrow for use by aircraft with wingspan greater than 171 feet, so many aircraft just use C and D to cross to F.  For west flows, which are far more common at KATL, traffic landing on 27L and 26R, will also frequently use the end-arounds (P and L/ V and F) depending on how far down the runway their landing roll takes them, and for which terminal they are bound.



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Nice find Andrew.


I normally try and operate on westerlies, great when you get them all travelling smoothly.


Interestingly I use as described above, that is for arrivals on 27L P or T - L / arrivals on 26R B-V-F

(heart has been in throat a few times with cargoes sometimes doing the unexpected).

Also watch for the short stoppers using C to exit.


I move the deartures via E for 26L & M for 27R, seems to go ok.

My next challenge is to try and sort them north or south departing dependant on destination

but I don't think that will happen any time soon. :mrgreen:



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