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TRACON 2012 Where am I going wrong?


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Just realized that I am not being awarded credit for successful takeoff and landings in TRACON 2012.  I am following the directions as closely as I can, but must be missing something.


Departures, ATL sector:  I clear the planes up to FL140, and then up FL150 (as marked on the sector map included with the KATL addon.  As they approach sector boundry (I presume that this it the white dotted circle centered on KATL about 50 miles out).  Ten miles before reaching the boundry I click the target, it blinks and turns from "D" to "C."  I then switch it to the appropriate freq. 


Arrivals:  I clear the aircraft for ILS Approach to selected runway.  as it approached the extended runway center line.  I then wait until the aircraft is clearly established on the approach and descending on its own, and then switch it to the tower freq.  I see the "A" change to "T," and eventually the target disappears.  When I exit the session and click on info, there is still a zero next to "number of succesful takeoffs and landings.


What am I missing?



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