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Create AI for helicopter

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I want to create AI for helicopter. You can't do this with simconnect.

Do you think there is a possibility to do this with FSUIPC ?


1. Create helicopter : no problem

2. create waypoints to follow : no problem

3. Take off : ?

4. Reach the speed and the altitude : ?

5. Go to the next waypoint : if 3 and 4 is possible, it is not a problem

6. Take on at the last waypoint : if 3 and 4 is possible, it is not a problem


Thank you for your help.




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Hi Motus,


As far as I know there's nothing in FSUIPC that can create AI aircraft.


For AI aircraft that exist it may be possible (but difficult) by sending normal FS controls to the AI Aircraft. See offset 0x2900 for details. The ID of each AI aircraft can be seen using the AITrafficServices built into the DLL. I've never tried using 0x2900 but I think you need to put the AI aircraft into Slew mode and then use the slew controls.


I found this thread that talks about doing something similar with SimConnect. I don't know SimConnect but maybe you can understand this?





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There is an application published by Flight1 that creates vertically operating AI helicopters - I believe that works by injecting them and controlling them through Simconnect.

You are correct in that FSUIPC will be of no help at all doing this.




Ian P.

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