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Hi Alan,


Thanks very much but I'm not sure if I'm confused or not. :???: Does this replace my original install of TrafficSounds? In other words, can I uninstall my present installation and then just run this? Alias suggests pointing to something to me. So I'm unclear.




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I am still confused. When I checked and downloaded my 'Alan Constable Simmarket downloads' I have three possibilities:


- Traffic_Sounds_FSX_Extreme (141 MB)

- AC-TrafficSounds-FSX (53.2 MB)

- AC-TrafficSounds-FSX-Update1 (1.23 MB)


I already have downloaded the Alias Installer which is called:


- MTV6 (7.46 MB).


What should I do?




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Hi  Harry


First you should have downloaded Traffic3D_Sounds and not Traffic_Sounds which is my older version. You need to install Traffic_Sounds or Traffic3D_Sounds folder into a temp folder on your desk top,then all you need to do is to drag/copy and install the folder named either Traffic_Sounds or Traffic3D_Sounds that is in your temp folder into the MyTraffic V6 aircraft folder.Thats it!

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I have just purchased Traffic3D_sounds and have downloaded the P3D version. I installed it to P3Dv2 into Simobjects/Misc where I have now a Traffic3D_Sounds Folder. So far so good. But from where can I get the aliases for MyTraffic3D v6 ? I have mistakenly deleted the alias installers which I had downloaded some time before.



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17 hours ago, ryant said:

why is there a thread here about mt6 installer and link is not working how can i get this

MyTraffic 6 came out well after Traffic3D_Sounds was released. No one knew where any of the files were to be installed, MyTraffic did release an earlier version the alias installer was supplied.

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Hi Alan,is it possible for you to issue a comprehensive guide to achieve a working installation rather than individually contacting you by email. For me Traffic3D was working fine with Traffic360 but I cannot for the life of me get it to work with MyTraffic 6. All the aliases and relevant files are in place but no sounds !

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