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My Traffic 6 and Airport Scenery Add-ons

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I installed My Traffic 6 following all installation instructions exactly, and placed the "My Traffic" folder in FSX scenery between Addons and Propellor Objects as suggested in instructions to avoid conflicts (we recommend that you move the MyTraffic folder down between “Addon Scenery” and “Propellor Objects” to avoid conflicts with other add on airports. After this, the usual scenery indexing takes place and your airports should be populated.); however, my "FlightBeam KIAD" does not show their extremely detailed and well rendered terminal buildings, but the FSX terminal.


When I removed the KIAD 'BGL' files from the MyTraffic-Scenery folder, the buildings in FlightBeam KIAD are rendered correctly. Clearly the MyTraffic scenery is conflicting with the FlightBeam KIAD scenery (set at priority 1 in the FSX scenery). I am now wondering if this happening to my other add-on scenery (FS DreamTeam, Latin VFR, BluePrint, etc.) in FSX?


Can someone connected with the MyTraffic team explain why this is happening, considering your installation note referenced above? Is it OK to delete the BGL file from the scenery folder or change the .BGL to something else without affecting the operation of MyTraffic?




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a) it is completely OK to delete BR2_KIAD.bgl, or to rename it to BR2_KIAD.bgl.passive - you want the addon airport to be in control, not the MyTraffic airport.


The explanation why this happens is more complex, in brief in order for FSX to understand two airports to be the same, it is not enough to have the same code, they also must have the same central coordinate.

The MyTraffic versions all originate from the FSX versions, so have the same coordinates, which themselves come from the Jeppesen 2005 data. If an addon airport does not start from the FSX version, but an earlier version, it will use the center coordinates from older data, Jeppesen 2002 for FS2004 as example. If the airport center moved in this time span, and the authors of the FS9 airport did not modify this for their FSX version, then you get two airports at the same location, as you saw... 

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