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Good evening Burkhard and fellow flight simmers,


Can you help please.


I am enjoying MyTraffic 6, but I have problems with traffic population at the following airports which I never had before MyTraffic 6 was installed.


The airports are: UK2000 Scenery - Edinburgh

                            Flightbeam - Denver 

                            Flightbeam - Washington Dulles

                            FSdreamTeam - Houston

                            FSdreamTeam - Chicago O'Hare 


MyTraffic 6 is located where it should be in the scenery library.


I removed the BR2 files from MyTraffic scenery, but this made no difference.  So, presumably I need to do something else to restore the traffic at these airports to its former glory.






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What is exactly the problem? These airports are not filled by AI traffic? Then it is extremely likely you have an AI schedule in FS8\ttools format installed, which effectively switches off FSX own traffic. MyTraffic Communicator contains a tool to identify such files.

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Good afternoon Burkhard,


With the exception of the above named airports all other airports I have looked at are all fine and even enhanced since the installation of MyTraffic 6.


The problem is:


1. Aerosoft Mallorca.  This was a new product installed just prior to MyTraffic 6.  There was lots of ai traffic at the gates.  Now there is virtually none. 


2.  There is virtually no international airlines at any of the other airports mentioned.  It was all there before.





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In case of addon airports, we always have to check against the MyTraffic airports.


Background: We just see the replacement of the 767s by 787s or A330s with most airlines. An airport designed for 767s, with medium parkings 26m, cannot handle 787s or A330s, the parkings have to be updated. I do not say this is the problem, but it may be a problem.

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