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Traffic Draw Distance Problem

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Hi All


I am reaching the end of my tether with a problem which is ruining what is otherwise a superb product.


In all MyTraffic versions, I am experiencing traffic 'popping up' just under a mile from my aircraft.  A bit annoying on final approaches when all the traffic suddenly appears at the airport.  Planes also suddenly appear when they are just off the ground on final approaches, which looks strange to say the least. 


This happens on all versions of MyTraffic, on all traffic densities, on all aircraft, on all graphical settings.. It happens in FSX but not Prepar3d. 


I have a very capable system with 16GB of RAM, a decent GPU and processor, and run FSX pretty much maxed out..


The traffic is there on FSX, and I can hear it calling out, but I do not see it until I am close, which is annoying.


I have cleaned up my FSX.cfg to default.


Can anyone shed some light for me?


Kind regards

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No, this isn't the normal behaviour, you might see the models change from low resolution to higher ones when you look very carefully, but AI aircraft appear as tiny points about 8 miles away.


Now, in FSX.cfg there is an optional parameter that defines the minimal size an object should have to be displayed, I never use it so do not know its name, if you set it to bigger than 1 or 2, you gain frame rate, so if another addon has set this to a large value this might explain it.

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Wow, what amazing support, speak to the program creator in 20 minutes :)


I know what you mean, something like Smallobjectradius=1.. But as far as I know, that is irrelevent after service pack 2 in FSX..


I will have a look but have cleaned out my FSX.cfg. In terms of add ons, I have OPUS weather, ORBX scenery and some global terrain mesh which I forget the name of.

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Have played around with the SmallPartRejectRadius figure and it makes no difference.


Aircraft stay in view when departing for miles and miles, it is only when they are coming into land, or I am landing myself, that they suddenly pop up


If it means anything, even when I zoom in on where the plane should be, under the text, it doesnt pop up until it is very close to my plane.. The other day I had a plane pop up just above the threshold coming in to land as I finished a flight, was a real mood killer!


Any help hugely appreciated

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This behaviour has never been reported, and does not happen normally, so indeed I have no idea currently, must be fault in your setup, but where I have no idea.


Does it happen also with the default AI traffic? 

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Hello, just wanted to report same issue on my side, AI planes are disappearing very shortly after going further than around 3nm away, its like next LOD of AI plane is not visible.

My system is Win 8.1, FSX Steam Edition with no .cfg tweaks running in DX9, GFX settings are not maxed out.

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@st1322 Traffic is still there, it looks like only mesh(visible model is disappearing) lights are still there too, also noticed that its not happening to all planes its a bit random so far couldnt establish a pattern when it happens, ohh and its less than 3nm its around 1.8nm or something like that in my resolution (1920x1080)

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I have only saw such behavior when cfg was modified and small parts were tweaked. Can you delete current cfg and have it rebuilt? Make a copy of current one before you do so. If this doesn't help, then I don't know.

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