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Possible to stop/reset AI traffic?

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I would like to know whether there is a similar function as in UT2 (Shift+CTRL+A) to stop or to reset AI traffic in order to let aircrafts disappear.

I am asking since the following happened to me yesterday on a flight from OMDB to VRMM and back:

1. When I was about to line up on the runway at OMDB following the respective command from the Pro ATC flight control, another aircraft just taxied from the right and stopped in front of me. So, I could not line up anymore. In this case, I set the AI traffic within the FSX option menu to 0 to make it disappear. Afterwards, I set it to 30% again and continued lining up.

2. When I taxied from the parking position to the runway at VRMM there was an aircraft too near to me which parked. So, I had to exit the assigned taxiway in order not to crash into it.


For both scenarios, I would have wished to have a simple function that could just let the other aircraft disappear.


Thanks for any hints.


Kind regards,


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Hi, I'd be interested in that function as well - like in ut2. However, I found a manual fix to his. When you increase sim time x8 traffic is gone. Flip the time warp for a second and you'll be fine.

But again, such option would be great. Especially when we use weather software that can take a minute or two to refresh - no traffic pattern problems.

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Hmm, good idea but maybe a bit dangerous when you are in a critical phase and much things happen...


Btw. yesterday, I was just parking with my B777 at VRMM at a large gate and an A330 passed my parking place and crashed into me:/

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Unfortunately, I never managed to get the SDK toolbox to work on my machine...

Is there a function within My Traffic to do that as well or are you aware of any simple workaround (e.g. shortcut within FSX like setting sim rate to 8x as proposed by the other user above) that could stop / delete AI traffic as well?


Any hint would be highly appreciated.

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Since MyTraffic is built on the SDK, using the default AI engine, the only way to do so is using the SDK Tools. But the installation is not complicated if you follow the simple rules:


a) the traffic Toolbox dll must be the same build as FSX.exe, so from the correct SDK that fits your installed version. (right clock to exe and dll and under properties ou see the Version).

b) XML is a precise language, that does not tolerate wrong input, and does exactly what you program there. A fine test for Syntax and grammer is to double click on the XML file, it should be opened by IE or another browser, and if it is not displayed you get an error message which tells you you used wrong Syntax - feel free to Show us your dll.xml so that we can see what is wrong. 


traffictoolbox.dll can be copied anywhere. just give the correct path in dll.xml  . 

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