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Tower 2011 Tower.exe file gone


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A little bit of information if your Tower.exe file disapears for no reason.

I hadn't used Tower for a while & noticed that the icon on the task bar was greyed out.  Had a look at the files and Tower.exe was gone. Tried to reload but the .exe file would not appear. Culpret, Microsoft Security Essentials had removed the .exe file & would not allow it to be reinstalled on a reinstall of Tower. Tried turning Essentials off & the file loaded OK. Once essentials were turned on again, the file was removed. I had to put Tower.exe into the essentials exception files to keep it there.

It does not seem to affect Tracon.exe. It is still there.


Kev M




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I had the same problem today.  Just came out of nowhere.  I did as Kevin did and all is well now, thanks for the detective work Kevin.  In using MSE for many years this is the first time I have run into a false positive.

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I also lost administrattor rights. I had to turn the guest account on to get it back. Couldn't change file etc. until got admin rights back. All seems ok now but have not turned MSE back on yet.

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I forgot to mention that I had administrative/drive ownership problems also.  Suddenly some programs could not write to drive C or I could not copy a file to drive C etc. after the problem with Tower.exe/MSE ocurred.  Apparently when MSE sees the false positive on Tower.exe it causes some other problems such as loss of drive/file ownership to occur.


The way to fix the problem is:


1. Do the procedure as Kevin states to turn off MSE, reinstall Tower, set MSE to ignore Tower.exe, re-enable MSE and reboot.


2. If you run into the administrative/ownership problems, one of the two links/procedures below should fix the problem, don't forget to reboot after applying the fix(es).




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