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Airbus Series Volume 1 where to install AIRAC update?


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I have the Airbus Series Volume 1 for FS9.  I have a FEELTHERE folder  (F9\Feelthere).  In the Feelthere folder I note Airbus Folder, and A320 Folder  a ND


I have not used the aircraft in years.

I am trying to update the AIRAC cycle to AIRAC 1505.   However, I have been unable to successfully install it. 


Can you give me the correct installation path for the Navigraph AIRAC ?  


I am using FS9 in Windows 7.





PS   Must flight plans be in the .rte format or can the default FS9 .pln format be used?

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I tried several paths to install AIRAC 1505, such as FS9\Feelthere\ND.  When I activate the zip file, I enter the path in the BROWSE section, and I can see the installation process taking place.

I then get prompted that the install is finished.  However, I when I load the Airbus, The AIRAC cycle in the MCDU is listed as 606.  I have tried severs different paths with the same negative

results.  It seems I am trying to install in the wrong folder.

I also cannot find the AIRAC 1505 in any of the FS9\Feelthere folders. 

I have reinstalled the Airbus Volume 1, and deleted the FMGC.cfg file and recreated it when I next loaded the Airbus. 

Using FS9 with Windows 7, to what Airbus Volume 1 folder would you install AIRAC 1505?




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as you are deleting the FMGC file you need to contact navigraph about their installer.  by default it should put the AIRAC in the correct location.


next, check to make sure your antivirus program isn't stopping the install ... or even deleting the file after it is installed (been seeing reports that MSsecruityessentials is doing this to some programs/files).


the AIRAC is in a general folder, as you noted FS9\Feelthere\ND, so ALL feelThere and Wilco aircraft can read the same database.


NOTE: if you installed another Wilco or feelThere aircraft after updating the AIRAC file you must re-update the AIRAC file.

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Found the answer.  You are correct that by default the AIRAC install puts the cycle update in the correct location.

During the install process the AIRAC installer prompted the FS9 main root directory folder.  I clicked OK and,

as you noted, the installer put the update cycle in the correct location.  When I started up the Airbus, the MCDU

indicated cycle #1505.


Again, thanks for your help.


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I'm confused, maybe you can make this clear as mud for me.


I have downloaded the Wilco NavData airac cycle 1505 and have run the .exe file.  It installed the data to the :\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\feelthere directory.  This also has the folder for my B777 addon.  So I have these 2 folders B777 and ND.  My Wilco A380x installed to a completely different folder :\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\wilco\a380 directory.  How do I get the airac to read in the A380 MCDU?


BMH(Banging my head).

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... my B777 addon ... [and] ... My Wilco A380x


the 777 and 380 are not feelThere products.  contact wilco for the 777 (assuming your have wilco' plane) and wilco for the 380.


contact Navigraph concerning problems with their installer.

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