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New customer, HUD issue and Yaw damper issue


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Hello I just bought the ERJ and E-jets V2 bundle and I'm already pretty concerned.  It took a while to save up for the add-on and I notice some problems which seem to take away the features of the aircraft.


1.  There is no hud.  I mean, I click on the H and the screen changes, but there is no pretty green hud image, just "empty glass" if you will


2.  During the intro flight i was lining up to intercept the ILS.  But to my shock, when I pressed the yaw damper button (to disengage it) the auto pilot shut off as well and the aircraft pitched up violently.  Is this behavior normal for the aircraft?  Are the yaw damper and auto pilot connected so that one does not work without the other?


Issue #2 is far more of a concern than number one.


I assume that I have the latest service pack since I bought just today


I was concerned as this add on is very old now, but it seemed the best light regional jet for Flight sim to this day.  Please help me fix these little issues.


Thank you for any help

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I am relieved to have a response, thank you!  I was afraid that this product, since it was relatively old might be abandoned support wise!  


As far as the HUD issue, I do not have flight deck 6 installed on my machine, the forum post you linked to (not sure how i missed it) indicated that the gentleman had to re install FSX to get his HUD to work.  I have a lot of addons and so forth and that would be a hassle.  I will try reinstalling the product and report my results.


I am disengaging the yaw damper because well, I guess I'm used to other addon aircraft where that is part of the normal operations for landing.  That still wouldn't seem to explain why the yaw damper button turns off the auto pilot.  The manual doesn't seem to indicate that this behavior is expected.


As far as the pitch up issue, it only happens when depress (to turn off) the yaw damper, when i turn off the autopilot itself, this doesn't seem to happen. 


Is it possible to trim the aircraft with the autopilot on as you said in a previous post?  Wouldn't the autopilot fight you and trim it back?


One more thing, when i did my first install i got "this program may not have installed correctly" warning from windows.  I ignored it, perhaps I should have re installed using recommended settings?


I'm not sure if feelthere is paying you scoob but they should as you seem to be THE support guy for these products LOL!

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Ok on a reinstall i got this, it happened on the original install too...




After I selected look online for a solution the program reported that the installation was complete, I thought everything was fine, but might this explain my HUD troubles?

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