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Tracon and Tower work together? Anyone want to play?

Dana Rippey

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Does anyone know if you can do a multiplayer game with one player on Tracon and another on Tower working together?


I have Multiplayer Tower and in the U.S. on Mountain Time and would like to play a multiplayer game with someone either on Tower or Tracon, if the two games work together.  I know in the past others who have Tracon have offered to play but we never had this question answered, so I'm asking that while also looking for a friend to play with.  We'll have to coordinate time zone differences.  I'm +6 UTC, if that helps.  Contact me on here if you're willing and able to play.  And if you know the answer to my first question.



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I have TRACON with Real Traffic and the New York Sector.  I've been controlling KJFK mostly (arrivals and or departures depending on the time of day)......


Which sector or airport would you want to try multiplayer with?

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johnwy, I have Tower2011! New York and Real Traffic, I believe.  I can't figure out Tracon, so I'm trying to get a refund for that but so far they just keep trying to keep telling me how to fix it and nothing works.


I've got time now, if you want to try and see if we can get Tracon and Tower to work together?


Let me know.

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