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FSX Traffic ToolBox not recognised by STB

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I am wanting to create AI aircraft at my own personally produced airports.   I can see no way of doing this within STB so have been using FSX's SDK TrafficToolbox Explorer to do so.  This works fine but the created AI aircraft do not show up in any STB view although the count seems to take them into account.  I find this strange as other software I use such as Plan-G shows them.  Just not STB.  I am wondering if I am doing something wrong so my three questions are:


1.  Can I populate an airport with AI aircraft using STB when there is nothing showing on any STB view apart from my user aircraft?

2.  If not, and I am forced to use the SDK Traffic Toolbox to populate the airport, how do I get STB to recognise them?

3.  Failing all of the above, is there any other software available that I could use to create AI for my own airports which would be recognised by STB?




1.  FSX

2. FSUIPC free version only.

3. Windows 7 64bit.

4. Super Traffic Board v3.2.1.7

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Hi Ivan


1) STB cannot populate an airport when there's nothing scheduled to be there (and hence the board is empty).  Features such as "Depart Now" and "Approach Now" require a schedule to work from.

2) Traffic Toolbox should work, however the AI created do not have a schedule so STB does not know an awful lot about them.  However they should show up albeit with lots of information missing.  Try selecting "All Airports" for example, and ensure the option "Hide Incomplete Flights" isn't checked on the Data Interpretation tab of the settings notebook.

3) The best way out of all of these is to use the traffic toolbox SDK to create schedule BGL files (Traffic Database Builder I think it is).  While it requires more effort to begin with, it's then less effort every time you load up an airport.


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Hi Simon


Thanks for your quick reply.  I will try the options you gave but I think your suggestion of creating a schedule BGL file is probably the way to go.  I will have a look into that and let you know how I go.  Thanks again.



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