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FS9 start position

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Strange phenomenon!

When I installed  LOWW, I could no longer chose a start position for my aircraft for a new flight. It Always goes to the active runway, because there is no other choice..

So I uninstalled that scenery, because I think there is something wrong with it.

After uninstalling, and when I restart FS9 and want to set my aircraft on a non-Austrian airport, I can put it anywhere I want. However, as soon as I started a flight at an Austrian airport, it goes Always to the active runway, because there is no other choice in the menu.Even, from now on, having tried once to go at an Austrian place, also in all other airports of the world, there is no longer any other choice but to go to the active runway

How is this phenomenon to explain, and how can I correct this error?


Jive1 - Belgium

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After installing some sceneries, I have discovered that, after FSX loads, I have to wait a considerable time before all the airport AFD files *actually* load. I've discovered that if I go and select an aircraft, then in the time it takes me to do that, the airports tend to have more options than just "active runway".

This may not be the same issue, but it might be worth leaving it a few minutes, making a drink, coming and back and seeing if there are more options, just to prove it?




Ian P.

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