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FSUIPC connecting G1000 hardware from emuteq to FSX/P3D

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He Pete,


Just a question regarding the G1000 hardware from emuteq.


I have the intention to use this hardware and connecting it to P3D. Only software addons for one engine aircraft are available. I want to use the device for a VLJ light two engine jet aircraft. There are some addons available in the market offering a G1000 in there aircraft cockpit. Now I want to use one of those G1000 equipped aircraft and connect it to the G1000 hardware from emuteq.


Emuteq gives the following information on their website:


Is the hardware compatible with other G1000 software?
Due to the flexible design of our hardware, other software choices are available.  The G1000 is seen by Windows as 3 controllers.
PFD / MFD and Audio Panel.  Each is a standard USB HID.  The VGA LCD Displays of the MFD/PFD can be configured in the same way as any multi display solution from within Windows.


Could the G1000 hardware be configured to work with the standard Microsoft FS G1000?
Although we have not tested this, there is no reason that the unit could not be mapped to work with the standard FS G1000. However, the functionality is nowhere near that of the addons available.  In purchasing this hardware you are very close to realism and therefore we strongly recommend using add-on software.
Do I need a seperate driver or interface?
No, The G1000 is a so called HID device, utilising USB connectivity.


From a mail to emuteq I received the following short message:


<<The G1000 is a USB HID device, it can also be used with SVMapper if you want to map to other software.  Usually add-on aircraft have some kind of ini file which allows you to map key inputs.  Perhaps this is an option. >>


My question finally is whether FSUIPC may be used as well to get the inputs from the G1000 (hardware) buttons to the programmed G1000 functionalities of addon aircraft in P3D or FSX connected ?


Thanks for advise





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