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Tower! 2011 KSEA has no planes!

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Looking at your game.log file, I think the problem is in your terminal configuration file. You should see a file named Seattle_Airport_Terminal.txt in the Airfields folder. For every airline in your schedule, you need an entry in the terminal file. Your schedule appears to be different from mine, but hopefully using the sample below you can edit your file by adding the appropriate airlines and see some incoming activity.


Terminal_GA: GA
Terminal_North: ASA
Terminal_C: ASA,QXE
Terminal_Cargo: NAC,FDX
Of the errors that you brought up, I see #2 and #3 on several airports. Not sure how it affects the game though - would definitely like to know for sure. Regarding #1, it looks like those airports need to be added to the airports.txt file in the Databases folder.
Happy editing,
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you may want to look through earlier posts of mine, which Feel There never really got to the bottom of. Whenever I installed Tower and no matter which PC I put it on, I had this problem until I realised that Tower was installing two directories; Tower and Tower copy. I changed them over and reinstalled Real Teaffic and everything worked fine.

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I am watching this thread with great interest. I could not agree more with you that a Company who sell a product bears some responsibility for putting right any issues with it. When I was experiencing problems it was other forum members who helped out and Feel There were nowhere to be seen. Its all very poor service.

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I did add the airports to the airport.txt file and afterwards wasnt seeing the error except for MCI (Kansas City). It does appear in the file originally but I deleted it then saved the file. Afterwards I readded MCI and got the info from flight aware website and i still get the same error. I dont understand why this is happening as this is the same process i used to add the other 12 missing airports.


I will look for the Seattle_Airport_Terminal.txt file and verfiy that the airlines are assigned the various terminals. Also will verify that it is in the correct directory that the other files for Tower! are in as well as the Tracon 2012 game is located (Program(x86)). I will say that the shortcut created on the windows desktop does not run the game and i have to go this directory to right-click and run as administrator for the game to start. Not a biggie for me.


So based on AST response, i am assuming that the KSEA is creating a new directory in another path??? I will have to look for this tonight after work.


Will post what i find.

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Issues resolved.


Issue with airport codes missing resolved by adding airport ICAO codes to airport.txt file in the database directory folder.


Issue with no traffic inbound or outbound resolved by adding the correct airline codes to the correct terminals in the airportname_terminal.txt in airfields directory folder. To do this, it required me to create new text file with a different name, move file to folder, rename original file to something unique (airportname_terminal_original.txt) and then rename new file to original name (airportname_terminal.txt)


Once doing this, i was able to play that airport within the game.


I still get the 3rd issue in the game.log file but it doesnt appear to be stopping the traffic from coming in and out at that airport.

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