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Parameter values for toggle switches?

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Hello, I have a naive question that is bugging me:


I am assigning Saitek switches as toggle commands in FSUIPC (I am using SPAD to convert the physical switch to a virtual button to be transferred into FSUIPC).

All good, except I never understood what the "parameter" field in FSUIPC means for a toggle command (for example, light on/off or fuel pump on/off, etc).

Should I bother, or just ignore it?

I tried "1" and "0" and I don't see any difference in the switch behaviour.


Do toggles even have parameters in FSUIPC?


The real reason I am looking into this, is that when I start dark&cold and switch battery on through Saitek panel, a number of switches suddenly go ON in the cockpit (battery as well), even if they are in OFF position on Saitek panel...

This does not happen if I use the mouse in VC to switch battery on, so it has to do with SPAD or FSUIPC.


Any insight, please?

Many thanks!

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Do you use any micro controller for it... Or any c++ or vb.net application.....? and what kind of aircraft do you want to control ...?


perhaps i can help you if you can answer  above...because of ( parameters are varied according to aircraft , very special for pmdg. airbus x.. etc.)


no microcontrollers, no other applications.

Just plain old Saitek hardware, SPAD software and FSUIPC4 (latest version, paid).

Aicrafts: Cessna 172 and Piper Cherokee from A2A



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'Toggle' by definition does not require a parameter. Just use 0 or 1....your choice. If you use SET, then you need to specify a parameter to pass along. Other conditions such as CYCLIC will also require a parameter.


I suggest you study the Advanced Users PDF file that comes with the FSUIPC4 installer. I think you will find it in the Modues\documentation folder. At least that is where mine is but I am on my traveling laptop at the moment and

can't give you exact details.



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